Enhanced Dermatology for GP Trainees (in partnership with NIMDTA)

Skin disease is common and distressing. Around 24% of the population consult their general practitioner (GP) with a skin problem every year. It is estimated that approximately 14% of all GP consultations are in relation to disorders or concerns about the skin.

Establishing and maintaining competence in this area of medicine, is therefore essential for any GP. Training in dermatology at undergraduate level is often limited, leading to confidence and competence gaps at the post-graduate stage. Currently about 90% of diseases of the skin are managed exclusively in Primary Care. Most skin disease can and should still be appropriately and efficiently managed in primary care. 

This ECHO network gives GP Trainees the opportunity to increase their knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of complex skin disorders.

Session Times: Wednesdays, 1.00 – 2.30 pm

Programme Launch: Wednesday 4th May, 2016

Programme Details:

  1. Facial Rashes
  2. Psoriasis
  3. Eczema in Children
  4. Eczema in Adults
  5. When should I refer?

Hub Facilitators

Nigel Hart

Dr Nigel Hart

Associate Director
Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency

Siobhan McEntee

Siobhan McEntee

Programme Director
Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency