Nursing Homes

The key aim of the Nursing Homes In-Reach initiative is to build skills and knowledge of nursing home registrant staff  to maintain their residents in their care home safely for as long as possible and thereby improve the resident experience.

Objectives are to reduce unnecessary ED attendances and to reduce length of hospital stay.  A further objective is that nursing home staff will feel empowered to access relevant Trust services appropriately and to become an effective connected learning community.

The Nursing Home ECHO supports nursing home staff throughout Northern Ireland to improve their knowledge and skill in the care and management of patients with a wide range of healthcare needs.  Issues such as renal failure, palliative and end of life care, drug management, and heart failure are discussed with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals.


Hub Facilitators

Corrina Grimes

Corrina qualified as a Dietitian and was the first Macmillan Specialist Dietitian in Northern Ireland. She published peer review clinical guidelines 2010 whilst in post in Southern Trust. Corrina was appointed Allied Health Professions Consultant, PHA, 2010, and is currently the PHA Regional Palliative Lead for Palliative and End of Life Care. Corrina has completed training in Project ECHO in New Mexico in 2014 and 2015 and is a member of Project ECHO NI – Working Group. Corrina will be leading ECHO sessions for palliative care in the year ahead.


Janet Haines-Wood

Janet Haines-Wood is a Regional Patient Safety Advisor with the HSC Safety Forum. She began her career in quality improvement in the early 1990’s working in a range of roles from clinical audit manager, Project Manager for the King’s Fund Organisational Audit and clinical and social governance manager in both HSC Trusts and Prison Healthcare.

She joined the HSC Safety Forum in July 2009. She has completed the Patient Safety Executive Development Programme and the Improvement Advisory Programmes associated with the Institute for Health Care Improvement, and completed the Clinical Microsystems Programme (Dartmouth Institute)

Mandy Ellis

Mandy has been an RGN for 17 years, her background is in community nursing where she worked as sister for some 15 years. Mandy has been involved with the Nursing Home In Reach initiative since 2015, where her role involves practice development and facilitation of training, education and staff development.

Programme Details

The programme will run from 17th November to end of March and will cover the following curriculum: 

17 Nov: Medicines Management

29 Nov: Understanding Behaviours

15 Dec: Making and measuring a positive change – Quality Improvement

10 Jan: Consent, Advanced Care Planning and the legal framework

26 Jan: Nutrition

7 Feb: Delirium

23 Feb: Relatives

7 Mar: Falls

23 Mar: Support and Care for Younger Residents

28 Mar: Evaluation

patient with care worker in nursing home