NI Paediatric Network

Specialist Paediatrics are tertiary level specialities that are provided from Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children (RBHSC) at the Belfast Trust for the population of Northern Ireland.  They include Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Neurology, Paediatric Neurodisability, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Paediatric Endocrinology, Paediatric Gastroenterology and others.

These services look after the sickest, most complex children in Northern Ireland. However, given the small paediatric population in Northern Ireland and the distribution of children, there is a need to make sure children can receive services as close to home as possible.

The other four Trusts in Northern Ireland all have paediatric services, including inpatient units. The strategy for specialist paediatrics in Northern Ireland is to develop strong, high quality, sustainable specialist services in Belfast which, as well as managing patients in Belfast will support the management of children closer to home in partnership with local paediatricians.

The aim of this network is to support DGHs providing paediatric care to develop the capacity to safely and effectively treat complex diseases closer to family’s homes in Northern Ireland.



Hub Facilitators

Joanne McClean

Dr Joanne McClean is a consultant in public health medicine with the Public Health Agency. Joanne studied medicine at Queen’s University Belfast and qualified in 1999. After clinical training posts Joanne undertook higher specialist training in Public Health Medicine and was appointed to her current post in 2010. Joanne is the PHA lead for paediatric services. In this role she has been involved in strategy development, service improvement and population health  activity aimed at improving child health services and outcomes. 

Kris McKeever

Kris McKeever has been the NI Specialist Paediatric Network Manager and Assistant Service Manager for BHSCT Community Paediatrics Service since 2012.

He began his management career in HSC in 2007 as a General Management Trainee where he had placements in SHSCT, NHSCT and PWC. In 2009 he started work within BHSCT as a Project Manager for the Specialist Services Reform Work stream. In 2010 he became Acting Clinical Coordinator for BHSCT and Team East Urology and in 2011 was the Service Manager for the NI AAA regional screening programme. In 2016 he completed the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Improvement Advisor Programme.  

Curriculum details

This programme will run from November 2016 until March 2017, with the following curriculum.


10 Nov – Low Cell Count

22 Nov – Management of abnormal puberty

8 Dec – Tubes

12 Jan – Management of tone

24 Jan – Interpreting Sleep Studies

9 Feb – Syncope

21 Feb – Funny shaped heads

9 Mar – Hypoglycaemia

23 Mar – Nephrotic