Practice Based Pharmacists

DHSSPS has agreed that Practice Based Pharmacists will be placed within each GP practice in NI via a sub-contract arrangement with GP Federations.

Practice Based Pharmacists (PBPs) will work as a team across all practices within each GP Federation. The PBPs will deliver direct patient care within parameters defined by their job descriptions and the individual practice within which they work.

They will work with the wider practice team to improve the safety and quality of prescribing by focusing on the following areas:

  • management of prescribing systems within the GP practice
  • outcome focused face to face medication review
  • medicines reconciliation as patients transition from care settings
  • NI Formulary implementation, in particular to improve antimicrobial prescribing
  • reduce prescribing expenditure
  • reduce variation in prescribing practice

Through case discussions, team members will develop a greater awareness of the knowledge, skills and experience that exists within the team. It is hoped that the medical and nursing participants in the hub and spokes will also learn from the pharmaceutical expertise of the PBPs and this in turn will lead to safer and more rational prescribing by other healthcare professionals.

Hub Facilitators

Glynis McMurtry

Glynis McMurtry is the GP Federation Pharmacist Co-ordinator working with the GP Federations to implement the regional Practice Based Pharmacist project. 

Curriculum details

This programme will run from November 2016 until March 2017, with the following curriculum.


10 Nov: Antimicrobials

23 Nov: Hospital Letters

8 Dec: Medication Review

11 Jan: Managing Repeats

26 Jan: Governance

9 Feb: Pain

22 Feb: Specials

9 Mar: Polypharmacy

22 Mar: Respiratory